Facts You Should Know about Auto Tires in University Place

tire facts, tire informationWhen was the last time you purchased new auto tires in University Place, Texas? Taking care of your car or truck tires is an extremely important component of good vehicle maintenance. Your tires play a vital role in keeping you safe on the road. Caring for them properly will also help your vehicle achieve better overall performance. Additionally, the more information you know about your auto tires, the better prepared you will be when auto repair is necessary. Keep the following tire facts in mind as you continue to drive in University Place.

Temperature Impacts Tire Pressure

One important tire fact many drivers don’t realize is that temperature impacts the tire’s pressure. In fact, a shift of only ten degrees can make a big difference. This is why you should always have your car tires checked at an auto shop when the season changes.

Rotation Gives You Better Control

Over time, your auto tires wear down. This doesn’t occur evenly, however. Each tire will wear in a different place. To maintain better control of your vehicle, have an auto technician rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles driven.

New Tires Should Go On the Back

It’s a fact: car tires don’t last forever. If you don’t want to replace them all at the same time, however, you can purchase only two. The newer tires should be placed on the rear of your vehicle, even if it’s a front-wheel drive vehicle. This will give you more control when you drive.

Need Help with Your Auto Tires in University Place?

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