Get More Miles with Proper Transmission Maintenance in Meadows Place

Proper Transmission Maintenance

The unfortunate truth is that your vehicle’s transmission won’t last forever. There are ways, however, to extend its lifespan in Meadow Place, Texas. By scheduling the necessary transmission maintenance services with a professional auto technician, you can prevent potentially expensive transmission repairs. There are several simple auto maintenance tasks you should request during your next trip to the shop. Keep the following tips in mind as you plan for transmission maintenance in Meadow Place.

Request Synthetic Transmission Fluid

During scheduled transmission maintenance, always request that your technician use synthetic fluid. This lasts significantly longer and is more heat-resistant. 

Install a Transmission Cooling System

Part of proper transmission maintenance is ensuring that your transmission doesn’t overheat. You can do this by installing a cooling system. Running your vehicle hot can cut your transmission’s life in half and built-in fans aren’t an expensive upgrade.

Schedule Regular Appointments

A single trip to the auto shop every year isn’t enough to prevent your transmission from aging. For best results, you should plan to take your car or truck in for transmission maintenance on a regular basis. Ask a technician how often you should schedule transmission fluid changes and flushes, as well as filter replacements.

Need Transmission Maintenance in Meadows Place?

Do you need transmission maintenance services for your car or truck in Meadows Place, Texas? Now that you know how to extend the life of your transmission, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a reliable auto shop in your area. Contact Auto Pros Houston in Houston to speak with a technician today! We guarantee expert advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer service. Our highly-trained team of mechanics has the knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to handle all your auto maintenance and repair needs. You can also count on us for classic car repair

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Important Auto Maintenance to Schedule This Spring in Bellaire

spring auto maintenance, spring maintenanceNow that the winter months are over, it’s time once again to schedule spring auto maintenance services for your vehicle in Bellaire, Texas. Cold climates and inclement weather can really do a number on your car or truck. To ensure it’s in good shape moving forward, you should make an appointment with a certified technician. Ignoring problems, no matter how minor, can result in expensive auto repairs down the road this spring or summer. Take time now to schedule the following auto maintenance services in Bellaire.

Battery Volt Test

Cold weather can negatively impact your vehicle’s battery. To ensure that you’re set for spring, ask a local auto shop to volt-test your battery during your next auto maintenance appointment. This is especially important if you’ve had problems getting your car or truck to start.

Cooling System Check

It’s also a good idea to have an auto technician check your cooling system during your spring auto maintenance appointment. While the weather may still be cool enough now, things will heat up soon. It’s best to confirm that your air conditioner is ready ahead of time. Continue Reading →

Qualities to Look for in an Auto Shop in Meyerland

auto shop qualitiesHave you recently noticed a problem with your car or truck in Meyerland, Texas? You may need to schedule an appointment at a high quality auto shop in your area. While timely vehicle maintenance can help you prevent expensive auto repairs, issues do still pop up from time to time. When this happens, it’s important that you can take your vehicle to a reliable service center. With so many to choose from, however, it can be difficult to determine which one is best. When looking for an auto shop in Meyerland, give preference to companies that possess the following qualities.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

A good way to determine whether or not an auto shop has the qualities you desire is to read customer reviews and testimonials. Always give preference to service centers with long histories of positive feedback.

Good Communication

Communicating well is a huge part of good customer service. Take time to speak with an auto technician about your issue. You’ll be able to determine quickly whether the auto shop values clear communication.

Warranty Offers

At the very least, the auto shop you choose should offer a warranty on its labor. High quality shops, however, offer warranties that are time or mile-based. Continue Reading →

Facts You Should Know about Auto Tires in University Place

tire facts, tire informationWhen was the last time you purchased new auto tires in University Place, Texas? Taking care of your car or truck tires is an extremely important component of good vehicle maintenance. Your tires play a vital role in keeping you safe on the road. Caring for them properly will also help your vehicle achieve better overall performance. Additionally, the more information you know about your auto tires, the better prepared you will be when auto repair is necessary. Keep the following tire facts in mind as you continue to drive in University Place.

Temperature Impacts Tire Pressure

One important tire fact many drivers don’t realize is that temperature impacts the tire’s pressure. In fact, a shift of only ten degrees can make a big difference. This is why you should always have your car tires checked at an auto shop when the season changes.

Rotation Gives You Better Control

Over time, your auto tires wear down. This doesn’t occur evenly, however. Each tire will wear in a different place. To maintain better control of your vehicle, have an auto technician rotate your tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles driven. Continue Reading →

Auto Maintenance: Why You Need an Oil Change Every 3,000 Miles in Houston

oil change, 3000 milesWhen was your last oil change in Houston, Texas? Scheduling an oil change every time you drive 3,000 miles is an extremely important part of proper auto maintenance. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy task to overlook. Going too long without changing your vehicle’s oil can have extremely expensive and time consuming consequences. Waiting too long between appointments often results in the need for auto repairs. Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should schedule regular oil changes with an auto maintenance expert.


Oil’s primary function is to keep your car or truck’s engine properly lubricated. Without this lubrication, the internal elements of your engine will begin to grind and wear. Your local auto shop can recommend the ideal oil for your vehicle. Continue Reading →

Engine Diagnostics: Common Reasons for Your Check Engine Light in Bellaire

check engine light, engine diagnosticsHas your vehicle’s check engine light recently activated in Bellaire, Texas? It’s important to have an auto maintenance expert perform engine diagnostics as soon as possible. Engine problems can cause serious and expensive damage to your car or truck. The longer an issue goes unaddressed, the worse it can get. When your warning light activates, your car is telling you that there is a problem but it doesn’t tell you what it is. You will need to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for engine diagnostics. Some of the most common results for drivers in Bellaire include:

Damaged Gas Cap

Sometimes your check engine light will activate for minor issues, such as a missing or a damaged gas cap. While relatively minor, driving without a gas cap negatively impacts the planet. Make a quick trip to an auto shop for engine diagnostics to ensure your gas cap is functioning properly. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need General Auto Repair in Meyerland

auto repairAre you having problems with your car or truck in Meyerland, Texas? You may need general auto repair services. While some vehicle issues are immediately noticeable or require instant action, others can be difficult to discern. Scheduling regular auto maintenance helps prevent problems from developing, but it doesn’t prevent them entirely. It’s important that you learn how to spot issues early, as this can help you save time and money down the road. Keep the following signs in mind as you determine whether or not you need general auto repair services in Meyerland.

1. Warning Lights

A very clear indication that you need general auto repair is the activation of a dashboard warning light. If one of your lights comes on, it’s important to take your vehicle to an auto shop as soon as possible.

2. Strange Noises

Your car or truck should never make noises. If you hear squealing or grinding when you stop, there’s likely a problem with your brakes. Groaning and growling sounds when you drive, on the other hand, could mean a problem with your tires. Have an auto technician run diagnostics right away. Continue Reading →

Recommended Pre-Travel Auto Maintenance in West University Place

pre-travel maintenance, auto maintenance

Are you planning a vacation this holiday season? If you’re planning to drive, it’s important to schedule pre-travel auto maintenance before leaving West University Place, Texas. Taking proper care of your vehicle now can help you avoid expensive auto repairs in the future. Even if your trip seems small, the miles add up fast, and they will put additional wear on your car or truck. Without the right pre-travel maintenance, part of your vacation could be spent in the auto shop! Don’t get stranded and don’t waste money on repairs that you could have avoided. Instead, take your vehicle in for the following auto maintenance before hitting the road in West University Place.

1. Tire Inspection

One of the most important Pre-travel auto maintenance tasks is checking your tires. Ask your technician for a tire inspection. Then replace them if necessary. A tire rotation or realignment may also be a good idea. Continue Reading →

Finding Reliable Auto Repair in Houston

reliable auto repairAre you looking for professional auto repair services in Houston, Texas? Whether your check engine light just came on or it’s time to replace your brake pads, it’s important to find a reliable vehicle technician in your area. With so many shops to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is best. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you begin your search for reliable auto repair in Houston.

1. Talk to People You Know

The best and most effective way to begin your search for reliable auto repair is to speak with people you know. Ask family, friends, and coworkers who they depend on most for auto services in your area.

2. Do Some Research

Asking for recommendations isn’t the end of your search. In fact, it’s the beginning! Once you have a list of auto repair shop options, spend some time researching each of them. Pay close attention to services offered. Continue Reading →